BiBi Cristal was born on a warm summer day in 2017, sitting at my  family's dining table that has carried us through many years of childhood memories, home cooked meals, challenging moments and happy ones too, new additions to the family and the ones lost but never forgotten.

It was at that same table where I felt called by Spirit to share my intuition and love for wellness, spiritual guidance & healing with the world.
So with the help of my family, BiBi Cristal became a reality.

Now, sitting at my own dining room table with my own growing little family - BiBi Cristal continues to grow too.

I am forever grateful for the ability and opportunity to offer you the spiritual guidance you need to live your truest and fullest life.

BiBi Cristal is dedicated to providing spiritual wellness, healing and guidance through intuitively guided sessions and holistic tools.

Thank you for being here & welcome to our BIBI Family.

Love, Bianca (aka BiBi)

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