BiBi Cristal was born on a warm summer day, sitting at our family dining table that has carried us through many years of childhood memories, holiday meals, difficult moments and happy ones too, new additions to the family and the ones lost but never forgotten.

It was at this table where a mother & daughter duo decided to share our love for wellness, magic & healing with the world.

Voila! BiBi Cristal is born.

BiBi Cristal is a Wellness Studio dedicated to providing spiritual wellness, healing and growth in holistic ways.


We offer Soul lifting services through the gift of empath and mediumship. We aim to provide you a space to heal through holistic services, crystals and natural products. 


At BiBi Cristal we believe in the healing power of the Universe. It is important to us to offer you natural tools and products that encourage your healing journey; whether it may be energetically, physically, emotionally or mentally. We encourage and guide you to connect with the Universe, expand your energy, vibrate higher and achieve the life you desire.


Intuitive Healer & Medium

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 Jewelry Creator

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7481 Avenue André Ampère, Montréal, QC H1E 6Y9, Canada

bibicristal.mtl@gmail.com  |  Tel: 438-504-7481

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