Malachite is known as the mirror of the soul. It helps you maintain control on your emotions and encourages clear thinking. Life will always include challenges, surprises, and unexpected events; Malachite will provide you with the support and protection you need to rise above. The stone releases anything that weakens you or any toxic energy from your life. This directly makes room for positive to flow into your aura and life; making you happier, better and at peace. Malachite also repels negative events from occurring. This stone is super effective at healing and warding off physical pain or ailments. It is especially effective at aiding your immune system and digestion. Malachite is a stone of the Heart Chakra. It gives you a clearer understanding  of what you should be embracing when it comes to love and life. While also providing you with an understanding on the things or the people that you should be avoiding as well. Malachite will remove anything that causes blockage in your mind and body. It’s a strong healing stone that will help you heal issues of the heart, body, and mind.



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