Blue Lace Agate a beautifully unique blue stone. This gemstone will help you reach higher states of consciousness with it’s soothing and uplifting energy. Blue Lace Agate connects with the Throat Chakra, encouraging freely expressed communication in a soft but effective way. Blue Lace Agate allows you to confidently express yourself by releasing old patterns of repression. Hold or wear this stone and feel your mood instantly lift and positive energy surround and hug you. Have this stone close when going through any difficult time; as it instils peacefulness, optimism and light energy. Blue Lace Agate will cleanse your aura and replace the negative energies with positive. It stimulates a healthy flow of energy throughout your Being. This crystal protects all 4-bodies making it a powerful protection stone. Blue Lace Agate attracts peace, love and happiness. It brings wealth, abundance and good luck to those near. 

Blue Lace Agate


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