Pink Calcite Cobalto, also known as Cobaltoan Calcite, radiates ample unconditional love, making it an ideal stone for the emotional Healers (Reiki healers, therapist, teachers, parents, … ) It’s soft vibrations acts like a warm and cozy blanket being pulled over your Heart Chakra. Pink Calcite is a wonderful stone to heal and move forward from past traumas and fill your heart with love. It removes the feeling of loneliness, filling it with joy. Pink Calcite’s energy fills your aura completely, covering any holes or cracks that may be there. This stone is ideal if you are looking for a fresh start. It works to remove old cycles and/or other tensions that block the energy from moving freely in your life. By removing these blockages, Pink Calcite brings a fresh mindset, clarity and helps you be honest about the thoughts and feelings that are deep within you. This brings a deep sense of calmness and the ability to follow through Life in an aligned state so that you may enjoy it fully. 


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Cobalto Calcite


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