Citrine is known as the Merchant’s Stone. This crystal brings succes, attracts prosperity and aids in maintaining wealth. It is highly referred to as the stone for manifestation, as it carries the energy of the bright sun, allowing everything in your life to flourish and grow. With this, Citrine brings fresh beginnings and a zest for life. This yellow stone wards off any negativity and unwanted energy. More importantly, it does not hold, absorb nor accumulate any negative energies; making it an extremely protective stone. Citrine soothes tension and promotes solutions, while attracting love & happiness. Citrine works as a shield, whether placed in a room or worn on the body, allowing only energy that is for your highest  good in and shielding energy that is not. Allow Citrine to work its happy magic and bring hope, confidence & will power to all those near by filling your Solar Plexus Chakra with it’s beautiful energy.


* photos for referencing purposes only, each stone in unique & beautiful
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