Carnelian was once called ‘the setting sun’ for it’s beautiful varieties of orange, yellow and red tones. Carnelian stones anchor and ground you to reality. Carnelian stabilizes you, particularly when going through Life events that unhinge you or make you feel lost or scattered. This stone helps those with busy lives to be able to maintain function by providing physical energy. It keeps your creative side flowing and always keeps motivating you. Carnelian is a perfect stone for any of those who work or have passion in the Arts. This stone brings truth, love and faith. When you wear or have Carnelian, it encourages more love and devotion to enter your life. It works for you and those that the stone loves. Carnelian brings you with courage & allows you to discover hidden talents. Carnelian will dispel feelings of apathy or indolence. It will you with high energy and positivity that aids you in accomplishing what you desire.  It will allow you to let go of emotional baggage. Carnelian will help you trust in yourself, and live from only one perspective: Yours. Carnelian will help you accept the natural cycles of life; like growth, new ventures & loss. 


* photos for referencing purposes only, each stone in unique & beautiful
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