Unakite offers nurturing energy, symbolized by the green and loving energy, symbolized by the pink. It is well known for enhancing your emotional health. It is especially useful when going through difficult times that you feel unable to make decisions for. Unakite offers guidance even in difficult situations. This stone carries the most of Earth’s energy in it, being majority feldspar from the Earth’s crust, therefore being extremely grounding. Unakite encourages you to find and treat all areas of your Life with balance, certainty and confidence. It helps you understand that you do not need sacrifice one part of your life in order to achieve another. Unakite knows you can have joy and success, spontaneity and commitment, relationship and fun, etc and this stone will continue to remind you of that. No more limiting yourself with Unakite around. Traditionally known to be given to children, especially little girls, to ensure they never feel limited or help back. Reminding them that the World is theirs & to have it all. 


* photos for referencing purposes only, each stone in unique & beautiful
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