Lithium Quartz combines Clear Quartz and Lithium. Lithium is known & used to relieve anxiety and stress. This makes it a wonderful stone for calming overactive mind and releasing anxieties. This stone helps to attune you to your Higher Self. This sweet and calming energy makes it a wonderful stone for meditation, to encourage you to reach heightened profoundest and encourage you on your inner journey. Lithium Quartz sends its energy through your body to heal all areas of your Aura & Soul. This crystal aids in releasing chords and attachments to events, people, situations that are not for your Highest Good. It helps you to liven the present moment and to release negativity of the past. Lithium Quartz is a wonderful stone for Healers and those that absorb other’s energies. It creates harmony and healing.


* photos for referencing purposes only, each stone in unique & beautiful
* price mentioned is per stone

Lithium Quartz


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