Charoite strongly connects the Heart and Crown Chakra to help you accept and give love. It opens your Crown Chakra and expands into your Soul Star Chakra. Charoite brings plenty of healing energy and encourages transformation. It enhances your inner senses to their highest potential. This stone is great at grounding excess energy, making it ideal for Healers. It helps the wearer remain calm and focused. Charoite is also a highly protective stone and emanates much light energy. This stone helps you be of service to others without giving away all your energy. Charoite is a great stone to help one cope during a time of spiritual change. It removes blockages and stagnant energy while healing emotional fears so you can live in the present and be open to spiritual guidance for the future. This stone of acceptance and letting go is also known as a “Bestower of Good”.


* photos for referencing purposes only, each stone in unique & beautiful
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