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  • Aligned AF!

    (to join, go to MAY 6 in calendar) This mastermind course gives you everything you need to know and embody in order to start consciously and effortlessly manifesting. I am not interested in simply giving you the tools you need to manifest without first teaching you how to align your body & soul. Imagine you are a car, your desire is to drive forward into the future you desire. Now imagine the act of getting aligned is the gasoline. Manifestation tools are the proper tires, fresh paint job, clean rearview mirror... it is all great and will encourage you to drive comfortably but without gas, you won't get far. This course guides, inspires and empowers you to get aligned so that you may start to consciously and effortlessly manifest. ALIGNED AF! is for the soul that is: - ready to align with their future self - is ready to invest in themselves and their growth - is ready to take action and responsibility with their life - is ready to massively level up - is ready to start effortlessly and consciously manifesting - is looking to heal in tremendously deep ways Included: - 6 LIVE calls filled with lessons, tips and exercises - 1 LIVE q&a session - Lifetime access!! * LAST DAY to join is April 22nd. Doors close to subscriptions after that date * The most accessible and most detailed course I have ever created. This course is worth at least $2000! Right now, the introductory investment comes to a total of only $145 per LIVE call!! GET IN NOW to reserve your introductory investment of $888+tax! (to join, go to MAY 6 in calendar) ( payment plan offered, send us an email for next steps )

  • Spiritual Life Guidance

    In this 1:1 session you will receive personalized messages, guidance and direction that is intuitively guided; and work through any questions you may have to encourage you to move forward in an aligned and empowered state. This 50-minute session is for anyone looking for personal messages, healing & clarity.

  • Medium Reading 1:1

    A Medium Reading grants you connection, guidance and messages from the Spiritual World. During this session, you will receive communication and messages from your Spirit Team; including departed loved ones, Guides and Angels.

  • Soul Centered Mentorship

    * payment plan is available * I know the Universe guided you here for a purpose. If you are ready to commit & invest in yourself - then this program is perfect for you. It is for the soul that is ready to HEAL within so that they can manifest the external life they DESIRE!! This 1:1 coaching series is an act of self care, that is dedicated to opening your heart and guiding you to create a life that flows with ease and intention. Throughout these 12 weeks you will have the space, time, tools and guidance to connect with yourself, heal & release what no longer serves you and begin manifesting the life you deserve! Let's get started! IT INCLUDES: - 12 weeks of ongoing, powerful and healing content (can be booked anytime within 6 months of purchase) - virtual 1-hour sessions to provide direction, guidance and healing - each session we advance and take you higher! - personalized high-vibe 'energy homework' to encourage your own SELF healing ability and confidence! - personalized affirmations and journal prompts - access to send me questions and receive support via messaging throughout the entire program! - priority booking for sessions * It does not matter what struggles, tensions or blockages you are looking to break through - this program is designed to be personalized to your journey and to YOU because we are all unique! If you are ready to HEAL and learn to MANIFEST your desires, then this is for you.

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