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All services given at BiBi Cristal are intuitively guided and granted through the gifts of Empath & Mediumship to provide you with the Healing you need. 

A Medium Reading grants you connection, guidance and messages from the Spiritual World. Through a Medium Reading, you will receive communication and messages from your Spirit Team; including departed loved ones, Guides and Angels.  

An Energy Healing combines the gifts of Empath and Mediumship to sense & read  your aura, chakras and the energy of all 4-bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). With this energy assessment and the Guidance of Spirit through Mediumship, a personalized Healing is provided just for You. An Energy Healing combines the power of Reiki, Crystals, Spiritual Guidance and Light Healing. 

A Space Cleanse offers Healing to any space you reside in; including your home, work, a room, an office, etc.  Our Space is where we undo ourselves from our days, releasing all the energy that we picked up throughout the day. This energy, as well as the energy of past conversations, events and people entering and leaving from, remains in this Space.  

A Space Cleanse offers a deep cleansing and charge with positive energy to your Space. It insures that the energy that collected in all the corners and furniture and people in your Space through negative intentions, situations, words, events, people, and so much more, is removed and replaced by positive & Light energy. 

If the Space requires, crystals are also recommended to keep in certain areas of your Space for optimal protection, clearing and cleansing.

With an Intuitive Crystal Consultation, intuition is used to connect with your Spirit Team and your Energy, in order to guide you to the crystals you need in the Now. The crystals you are guided to are available in crystal pieces to carry or place in your Space, as well as handmade crystal jewelry designed and created at BiBi Cristal.  

Group Meditation is a guided session that deeply relaxes your mind and body to create space for your Heart and Soul to heal. Each Group Meditation has an included one-card tarot draw before each Mediation begins. 


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